Best UV Water Purifier for home India 2021

  • O plus UF plus UV purification technology
  • Capacity: 7 liters
  • Aqua Taste booster
  • Carbon Filter
  • Sediment Filter
  • RO/UF Membrane,

About Best UV Water Purifier for home India 2021

Aristo Ro UV Water Purifier for home of the blue star is a triple-layered RO that gives you protection by using three layers for the purification of the water. This water purifier keeps your water safe and natural, it does not remove the minerals which is useful for our body.

It uses the Aqua test which maintains the PH of water at its specific point. It has a storage of seven liters which is good for a medium-size family, this uses ten inches of large-capacity filtration which is good for perfect purification.

It has the indicators that indicate the purification process, UV falls, and on which date the filter has to change. It has a child lock function to keep your children safe. It has a copper button which removes the dirty smell of water when not in the use for some days. It is totally automatic it stops the purification process when the tank is full and starts

when the water level in the storage tank decreases. This UV water purifier for the home is manufactured by Blue Star company. It is easy to fit because its dimensions are only 20.5 cm * 34.2 cm * 45 cm only and its weight is 9
kg only. The warranty given by the company is one year for the whole product. The outermost material
used is plastic and this water purifier is black in color.

The blue star company gives you safe and safe and sanitized installation, our all products are completely sanitized and the man who installs this RO UV water purifier for home is a completely well-trained employee which maintains a distance of at least two meters with you while installation of this water purifier. The warranty given by the blue star company for this RO water purifier is one year for the whole product.


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