Best Direct-Cool Single Door Refrigerator India 2021

  • Direct-cool Single Door refrigerator
  • Turbo Icing Technology
  • 170 litres suitable for a small family
  • Annual energy consumption: 208 Kilowatt
  • Warranty: 1 year on product, 10 years on compressor
  • ┬áReciprocatory compressor that is ideal for optimum cooling.

About Best Direct-Cool Single Door Refrigerator India 2021

Direct coll single door refrigerator has one-hour cooling technology by which this refrigerator can cool down your products very cool in just one hour. This refrigerator can be used in every season because the compressor is reciprocatory and can throughout excess cooling which is good in the winter season so your products in the refrigerator keep remaining fresh.

Very large storage is given in this refrigerator so you can find out the daily needs easily. This refrigerator does not require any stabilizer and operates on only 135 volts to 290 volts. The outer part is less with the leather finishing to protect from scratches and damages. The warranty given in this refrigerator is one year for the product and ten years for the compressor.


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